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Chimney Caps for a Prefab Chimney

Thursday, September 26, 2013 Posted by Anonymous
Prefab Chimney example
Prefab Chimney
Most modern homes have prefabricated (prefab) fireplaces that connect to prefabricated chimneys. A prefab chimney is constructed of a metal pipe that runs up above your roof and allows exhaust gases to exit your home.  The easiest way tell if you have a prefab chimney is just to look. If, roughly over your fireplace, you have a metal pipe coming up out of your roof and you do not see a brick chimney, then you have a prefab chimney. You can also look inside your fireplace to determine the type of chimney you have. If the top of your fireplace is connected to a metal pipe, then your chimney is going to be a prefab chimney. A prefab chimney does not require a flue liner and connects to only one appliance. For this reason, modern homes often have multiple steel pipes on the roof.

Prefab chimneys require a specific style of chimney cap dependent upon the type of piping used for the chimney. There are two main types of piping - solid insulated or air cooled. Air cooled chimneys are comprised of a larger pipe with a smaller pipe inside and has an open gap between the two pipes. For air cooled pipes, be sure to use a cap designed to allow that air flow to continue unhindered. Solid insulated pipes can use standard caps.

Vacu-Stack Wind Resistant Chimney Cap

The Vacustack Cap provides unparalleled protection from wind induced down drafts. It is available for both solid pipe and air cooled chimneys. For those who are experiencing downdrafts and back-puffing with your chimney, this is the solution. 

Weathershield Chimney Cap for Solid Pack Pipes

The Weather Shield Cap protects your metal pipe chimney from the elements and from critters looking for a home. The Weather Shield is available for both solid pipe and air cooled chimneys. If you are looking for a replacement chimney cap for your metal chimney, this is the right category. We have chimney caps for solid pipe and air cooled chimneys of all makes and models. These chimney caps are constructed with stainless steel, so you won't have to worry about corrosion and rust through.

HomeSaver Guardian 304 Stainless Steel (3/4" Mesh) Chimney Cap
Home Saver

The Home Saver Cap protects your metal pipe chimney from rain, snow, and even nesting birds. This cap includes a diamond mesh screen and is available with 3/4" and 5/8" mesh.

Chimney Surrounds

Chimney surrounds are a great solution for covering up that big metal chimney pipe sticking out of your roof.  Eliminate that eyesore and increase the property value of your home. Chimney surrounds are durable, easy-to-install, and look like a real chimney. The chimney surround and the top & trim kit combine to create the entire chimney surround unit.

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