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Vacu-Stack Product Review

Saturday, July 11, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

There are many reasons you may be experiencing troubles with smoke downdraft in your chimnVacu_Stack_Chimney_Capey, but the most commonly known are wind-induced downdraft due to hills, mountains, and tall buildings nearby. Also, there can be downdraft if there are tall trees located near the chimney.

Vacu-Stack chimney caps are used to help eliminate any of these wind-related problems that may cause back draft in your chimney. Back draft or down draft is any smoke/gas that becomes backed up in your chimney from burning a fire and cannot be properly vented.

Simply put this is how itVacu_Stack_Chimney_Cap2 works - when wind flows around the Vacu-Stack its velocity increases, which increases the pressure in the area. The result of this creates a partial vacuum. This vacuum helps to pull any gases that are in the chimney up and out, which will prevent any downdraft from occurring, no matter what direction the wind is coming from.

The Vacu-Stack chimney caps are available in a 26 gauge alloy stainless steel and in copper,  and are made in the U.S.A. These caps are so well made that they are even backed by a lifetime warranty! It also functions as a normal  chimney cap – keeping debris, animals, rain, and snow out of your chimney. The Vacu-Stack is the premier chimney cap for solving most wind-related draft problems!

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