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Chimney Caps – Sorting Through a Sea of Options

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

When deciding which chimney cap is right for you, finding the solution is as easy as answering 3 simple questions:

How much do you want to spend?

How do you want the cap to function?

What do you want the cap to look like?

How many chimney caps does the average person buy in his or her lifetime? Some will never buy even one chimney cap. Unless you’re a builder, contractor, or chimney sweep you may have never even considered buying a chimney cap. How then, would you know what to budget for this investment? Caps range in price frMulti_Flue_Chimney_Capom single flue black galvanized caps for $40 to custom chimney caps which can cost several thousand dollars or more. There are a range of features, both functional and aesthetic, that will ultimately determine if what you want and need fits your budget.

Essentially, chimney caps protect your flue and or chimney crown from wind, snow, and rain. When it comes to function, there are two directions you can go with a cap. Your first choice is to protect your flue or flues only. You can accomplish this with single flue chimney caps, caps for metal chimneys, or multi-flue chimney caps. If you have a metal pipe flue, call a professional to help you determine if your pipe requires a special cap designed to work with an air insulated pipe. You should note that multi-flue chimney caps can also serve as protection for an entire chimney crown if you choose the right size. The second option is to cover as much of the crown as possible; thereby, covering and protecting not only the flue but the entire chimney crown. You can accomplish this using a top  mounted multi-flue cap or an outside mount chimney cap. Outside mount chimney caps are always custom  made to the exact dimension of your crown. There are special needs chimney caps as well. Some are designed to have no functional purpose whatsoever except to shroud or hide unsightly chimney pipes, caps, and flues. There are also wind resistant chimney caps designed to keep wind from causing smoke to downdraft into your living space.

Remember, big or small, on any style house, the chimney is typically the visual pinnacle of your home’s exterior. Chimney caps can significaCustom_Copper_Chimney_Potntly affect the appearance of your home. Single flue chimney caps attach to the top of the flue and can have a simple pleated flat lid or a sloped lid to match the pitch of your roof. The multi-flue and outside mounted caps can have the simple flat lids as well as the pitched lids. Some houses require more than a simple cap. Homes in historic districts, estate sized homes, or palatial buildings require chimney caps to match the architecture and detail. Copper is by far the most customizable material and a favorite choice among architects and home designers due to its distinctive appearance and flexibility as a building material. Custom copper chimney pots combined with common base caps and chase covers are a distinctive way to add an architectural jewel to any home.

Form, function, and affordability are easy to achieve when selecting the perfect cap to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for the perfect chimney top for a cottage escape or a grand custom made chimney cap to crown a dream home, there is an option. Most would agree though, caps are like noses - small or large, simple or grand, your better of with one than without. Have fun and find the perfect cap!

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